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What Can I Do On This Website


July 8, 2020

This website is a place to interact with fellow Reading Rushers and discuss what you’re reading, how you’re fulfilling the reading challenges if you choose to do so, to encourage others to read, offer suggestions and tips, and to gain insights about how to read more! Our newsfeed will feature updates on the event, important information, recommendations, and pep talks from authors to help you get through your potential reading slumps.

The Owlcrate Hall of Fame is a place to see some of our favorite content that you guys produce during the event, from tweets to instagram photos and anything else that catches our eye. There are so many posts throughout the event that it can be easy to miss some of these gems, so it’s worth taking a peek.

BADGES! THE BADGES! One of the most fun parts about this website is the ability to earn and collect badges and display them on your profile. It not only encourages you to read more in order to earn those badges, but they are so cute and really liven up the profiles! If you’re ever unsure what your next goal should be during the event, see what badges you can earn and that might help you figure out what to do next.

We talked about this a bit in our last post, but the forums are sort of a big deal. This is the aspect of the website that we’re most excited about, because it creates a hub where everybody participating in the event can gather around and chat about whatever their hearts desire. You can talk about what you’re reading, what you plan to read, how the event is going, if there was a particularly fun reading sprint… Whatever! There are no limits, and you guys can totally run wild in there. Making friends is so much easier when you already know you have something so huge in common, like a love of reading.

There’s so much to discover on this website, so make sure to check out every page if you’re new to the event. More than anything, we want this website to be a place where readers can gather and get everything they need to have a fun Reading Rush, and we’re so proud of it! Our web developer Austin has done such a beautiful job with it, and we hope you all love it as much as we do. <3