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What Are Twitter Sprints?


June 21, 2019

Throughout each day of the event, folks gather on Twitter to read in short bursts together! We have book lovers hosting sprints where they encourage you to read, host giveaways, and play fun reading games with participants.

For example, a reading sprint usually looks something like this: 1) the host introduces themselves, 2) the host announces how long the sprint will be, 3) participants read for that allotted amount of time, 4) host asks you to write a haiku about what you read, and 5) another sprint begins!

Twitter sprints have forever been a fan favourite activity during the Reading Rush, and with the thousands of people who join in every day, it’s definitely something worth checking out! The official Twitter sprint schedule will be up shortly, so stay tuned for that!

During the event, things can get a bit hectic on our main Twitter page, so this year we’ve decided to make a page dedicated to the reading sprints! Check it out here: https://twitter.com/rrsprints