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Top Tips for a Read-A-Thon (from BookTubers!)


July 17, 2019

We asked some of our BookTube friends what their number one piece of advice would be for people participating in a read-a-thon. They had some awesome tips, check it out!

Lala (Booksandlala): Switch up the type of books. Nothing puts me in a bigger slump than trying to read 3+ physical fiction books in a row. Have an anthology going, an audiobook, a manifesto, a graphic novel etc. Keep things interesting.

Olivia (@storiesforcoffee): Pick up books based on your mood! Don’t force yourself to stick to your TBR if a certain book from that pile doesn’t catch your fancy, during the week. Pick up books that you’re excited to read at the moment. Nothing helps me read quicker than reading a book that’s been on my mind and makes me excited to devour its story.

Caz (@littlebookowl): Listen to audiobooks! Reading physical books is great, but your ability to multitask is limited. I’d recommend having one audiobook on the go so that you can still make progress with a book while driving, walking, cleaning, cooking, and many other activities that are impossible (or very difficult) to do while reading a book.

Christina Marie (@LCMarie19): Rereading books is okay! Readathons aren’t about just reading new books, they’re simply about reading and celebrate that love of reading! So if you want to reread a book, then reread a book! Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a different experience the second, third or twelfth time around!

Common Spence (@mrcommonspence): Get involved in the social aspect of things! My favorite part of readathons is hanging with my online reader pals, so when something is particularly exciting or stressful or plot-twisty share it with the twitterverse. Who says reading has to be a solitary activity??

Kristina Horner (@kristinahorner): Be realistic with yourself and create a TBR that feels achievable. Shorter books, graphic novels, and audiobooks are still books. Take a look at the other things going on in your life this week and pick books that will help make you successful, whatever that means for you.

Heather (@bookables): Try to make 2-3 books work for all challenges. That way you don’t feel like your stretching yourself to thin and you have options to move your TBR around a little!

Kayley (@kayleyhyde): Save books you’ve really been anticipating to try and incorporate into your TBR! That way you have an added motivation to keep reading and get to all those books you’ve been waiting for.

Zoe (@yerabooknerdzoe): Block off time every day for reading, especially if you’re trying to use a separate book for each challenge. Having dedicated reading time helps me focus on reading and not the million other things I need to do without feeling guilty. Treat it like any other important task, but make sure to set an alarm so you’re not reading for hours longer than you meant to.

Chloe (@bookswithhloe): AUDIOBOOKS! Listen to audiobooks while you get ready, cook, eat, etc. I promise this will help you fly through your TBR and maximize your reading time!

Maureen (@maureenkeavy): My number one tip is don’t work full-time because then you’ll be able to read a LOT more (haha). My ACTUAL top tip is to take advantage of every moment you have! When you have to get things done or drive somewhere, listen to an audiobook! When you’re on your lunch break, read an ebook. I personally like to try and find the books I’m reading in every format possible on different library apps so I can switch between a physical book, ebook, or audiobook when the situation calls for it.

Cece (@problemsofabooknerd): Get snacks beforehand! I am easily distracted and something that helps keep my mind on a book is if I can snack at the same time. Find easy to eat foods (popcorn, carrots, candy, etc) that you can snack on while reading so you’re getting your pages in while also keeping your body fed.

Hopefully these tips help first-time read-a-thoners and veterans alike! Let us know your best tips in the comments below.