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Reading Rush Merch!


June 21, 2019

We have merch! When we changed our name to the Reading Rush (from BookTubeAThon) it was an opportunity to refresh our whole vibe! In doing so we thought it would be fun to use our new colours and designs to make some beautiful bookmarks and really cool mugs for everyone to use during the event.

Not only are they really cool to own, they are also the biggest way you can support the Reading Rush. Running this event is a lot of work and the proceeds from the mugs help us pay for creating the website, paying our content creators, and paying ourselves for all of the hours we put into running this!

We decided to start with two merch items to keep it simple and see how you feel about them! The bookmarks felt like such a natural item to share with you because they will be your companions the entire time you read. We decided to have them in three colours to make them a bit more varied and because we thought it would be fun for you to be able to use them in multiple books during the event (when things start to spiral and you’ve found yourself reading multiple things!!). The mugs also felt like they would be buddies during the week of the event – but then also a really cool thing to keep using afterwards. We went with an adorable camper style and put our signature swirl all the way around. Reading Rushers will recognize it but other people will just think it’s a cool design!

If you want to check out our merch and support the Reading Rush click here or on the shop button up above!