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Funny Bookish Stories


July 18, 2020

This is completely random but we thought it would be fun to read some funny bookish stories from our friends!

Aissata Amadou: I don't have any insanely unique or funny stories but I do remember when I was little I used to HATE reading Junior B Jones books because all mispellings and cross outs used to bother me so much!

Nidhi Reddy: I was going to debate practice one Sunday and in the car I was reading The Book Thief...because obviously I couldn't put it down. And then I got to the climax of the story. And then I started sobbing. And then I arrived at practice and looked like a train ran over me. So that was fun explaining to my coach and team why I looked like an absolute mess!!

Jaime Morgan: I was recently asked to appear for GMA's book club to talk to Debra Thomas about The Vanishing Half. As I was going to tell Debra the question I would ask Brit if I had the opportunity to, she stopped me and then Brit Bennett made her appearance. Paris and I were completely surprised and had NO IDEA that she would be appearing live with us. It was so funny and I really tried to play it cool.

Anisha G: I don't have a specific memory for this (although I am sure there are many), but I cannot listen to any audiobook with romance in public spaces. This could be a romance book, or just a book with romance in it, but I always feel terrified that my earphones got disconnected from my phone and everyone can actually hear what i'm listening to and can never keep a straight face.

Noelle Gallagher: The funniest book memory I have is waiting at the midnight release of Breaking Dawn...god, what a time to be alive! I believe I wore a #TeamEdward shirt (with true, unabashed confidence) and went with 4 of my 8th grade friends. I remember waiting at the bookshop, counting down the hours, thinking I was so cool/calm/collected and then crying by the time I read the first chapter. #TeamEdward4ever let's not even argue the point

Bintou F: My very first year of teaching, some of my students and I were having a conversation about books, and one of them asked me what my favortie book was. At the time, "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini was my answer, but I didn't give them any heads up on how emotionally gut wrenching that book is. Two days later, those two kids showed up to class with their jaws nearly touching the ground as they told me how they cried so hard and amdonished me for not preparing them. I simply couldnt believe they actually listened to me and got ahold of the book.

Kevin Kelly: This isn't funny more than it is embarassing but when I met Victoria Aveyard at Bookcon one year, I talked about how I loved her character "Evelyn" so much and how her representation meant a lot to me. Victoria nodded and was so sweet to me. I took a photo with her and then after when I was telling my friends what I said to her, they said "Kevin that characters name is Evangeline". Needless to say I was mortified as to how I just explained how much I loved this character but I got the characters name wrong! #fakefan

Sofia Casanova: Oh I don't know if this is funny but more embarrassing. I was listening to an audiobook on the train to work and didn't realise the characters were about to get it on, and as things got super heated I made eye contact with a cute guy and my soul escaped my body. I haven't listened to any romance audiobooks on the train again.

Ariel: I had been, amazingly, been asked to interview Margaret Atwood. I said yes right away (of course!) but there were a few obstacles: I hadn't read The Handmaid's Tale or The Testaments, I only had one week before the interview, and I was going to be on vacation in Greece that whole week. So even though I imagined myself doing some light beachy reading on that sunny trip I was actually hunkered down, in my bathing suit, on those beautiful beaches reading the horrifying world of Gilead in a mad dash. "Reading emergencies" are a real thing!

Raeleen: Not bookish exactly, but back when I worked in a bookstore I encountered many strange and hilarious people. Once a woman was upset with her small son, and she shouted to him "stop that right now or I will RETURN YOUR LIZARD!" That has to be one of the best things I witnessed at that store.