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What is the Reading Rush and when is it?

The Reading Rush is a week-long readathon that anyone can participate in to try and read as many books as possible! This year it is happening July 20th – July 26th!

Is the Reading Rush the same as the BookTubeAThon?

Basically, yes! The Reading Rush was originally named the BookTubeAThon but we changed our name to make sure everyone who wanted to participate (whether or not they made booktube videos) felt welcome! It’s the same concept with similar challenges, just a little bit improved!

What type of books can I read during the Reading Rush?

You can read anything! Novels, non-fiction, graphic novels, audiobooks, e-books, manga: if you have to read it, it counts!

What are the Reading Challenges?

The official reading challenges are issued out by the Reading Rush every year as a way to challenge yourself to pick different books to read during the week and if you complete them you get a badge on your profile! They are not mandatory and you can combine challenges if you want to!

How can I support the Reading Rush?

The best way to support the Reading Rush is to buy a piece of merch! Our merch has been lovingly made by our teammate Hollie and sourced by the wonderful team at DFTBA to ensure the best possible quality. You can also share our event online with the hashtag #ReadingRush!